Folk-singer, Musician, and Composer

Mattias Ristholm

Scandinavian folk, americana and folk-metal

About Mattias Ristholm

Mattias Ristholm, a soulfull vocalist and composer who traverses seveveral genres and musical expressions.

Folkmusikduon Anda, Mattias Ristholm, Anders Peev

Mattias Ristholm has ventured through many musical styles over the years. In the 90's he sang gospel, irish folk music and grunge. He studied musical theatre in London and Scandinavian folk music at the Royal Academy of music in Stockholm. From the start of the new millenium he formed a folk music duo with keyed fiddler Anders Peev. 20 years later they have toured extensively all over Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. Meanwhile he has also performed solo and has had a number of collarborations and bands, such as a duo with Susanne Lind, and he is the vocalist of the folk metal band Solsaate. His original music is expressed through his americana project Vagrant Fair. He also collaborates with choirs and has written choral arrangements of folk songs and hymns. Her has composed soundtracks for phone apps and comersials.

Band Projects.

Anda, Scandinavian Folk Meets Musical Theatre

With Anders Peev, Mattias forms the folk muisc duo Anda. Anda started out paying mideaval scandinavian folk muisc, folk hymns, and folk songs. In recent years Anda have done crossovers, playing hymns, Astrid Lingren-songs and classic musical theatre songs. Anders plays the traditional scandinavian instrument keyed fiddle (nyckelharpa) and sings backing vocals. Mattias is main vocalist and plays ythe bouzouki. Anda has released two albums, Debut and Pilgrim. Visit andafolkmusik.se.

Vagrant Fair, American Roots

Vagrant Fair is the platform where Mattias performs his original songs, with a number of musicians collaborating, most notably Emil Lundaahl and Anders Peev. The music is inspired by americana, roots and bluegrass but with a flavour of pop. Visit vagrantfair.com

Musical Storytelling With Theatre Unna

A dramatical story telling performance about the composer Lina Sandell. Featuring Susanne Lind and Anders Peev. Swedish website www.linasandell.nu. Visit linasandell.nu.
Solsaate: Medieval Ballads Meet Blackened Metal

Solsaate: Medieval Ballads Meet Blackened Metal

What happens when you cross scandinavian midieval folk music with heavy guitars and double bass drums? The answer is Solsaate. Solsaate is a band of the covid-pandemic. It consists of members from all over Sweden, some of which have never met IRL. The band has released 3 songs of Spotify over 2021. Another song is due in the spring of 2022. The band is athe brain child of lute player Daniel Fredriksson. Amongst the members are Totte Mattsson from Hedningarna and Erik Larsson from Apocalypse Orchestra. Visit Solsaate on Facebook!
Scandinavian folk songs, Susanne Lind, Mattias Ristholm

Ristholm/Lind: Scandinavian Folk Songs

An energetic collarboration with fiddler and singer Susanne Lind, exploaring traditional scandinavian folk music in a playful manner.
Cortex Edutainment, Susanne Lind, Mattias Ristholm

Cotex Edutainment: Neuroscience mediated through storytelling and live music

Susanne lind & Mattias Ristholm both have bachelor degrees in cognitive neuroscience. They put this to use in Cortex Edutainment. The project is directed toward schools. They offer hour long edutainment lectures on brain fuctions, using storytelling, live music and graphic presentations. Their show Fjärilar i magen (Butterflies in the gut) unravels the mystery of feelings. Why do we have them, how are they produced in the brain and how can we master them. Suitable for student from 15 yrs and upwards.


Anda: Debute Album

Anda's debute self titled album was released in 2009. It features midieval ballads and scandinavian spiritual folk songs.

Anda: Pilgrim

Anda's second album, Pilgrim, was released in 2013. It is a collections of midieval ballads and spiritual folk songs from Sweden, Norway and Estonia.

Solsaate: Singles

Over the pandamic Solsaate has released thre singles. A fourth is du in the spring of 2022.

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